Western Heritage Capital is a private entity that manages the investments of the Glenn Family of Utah. We have no outside clients, nor do we accept external capital. We evaluate investment opportunities in and provide capital to privately held, owner-operated businesses located in the broader Mountain West region. We have three decades of private equity experience, including senior executive partnership roles at some of the top private equity firms in the world. We also have a supportive network consisting of some of the most recognizable family offices, private investment firms and business executives in the country who are interested in helping growing business stay ahead of the curve. Our track record, unique skills and specialized platform enable us to work closely with small and medium-sized family-owned companies to help them prosper.

We also invest in general and limited partnerships with emerging investment managers with the objective of maintaining a diversified portfolio.

We also invest in agricultural properties that possess stream habitat restoration opportunities, and we have invested in several such properties over the past 20 years.